1 For the Show: The North wind Masquerade

Ryan Anderson
3 min readApr 15, 2023


. But many may know him as “ShyGuy” or “ShyGuy From The Northside” . He appeared out of nowhere! But when he hits the stage he raps as if he’s been there the whole time. His ability to create cohesive projects with depth and originality have become a breath of fresh air. And the air is no clearer than on the northside. A place that we so happened to be at on Saturday August 20th led by the North Winds. The destination was Hawthorne Park where Shyheim brought everyone into his world or as he calls it “The Northwind Masquerade” . Here’s Shyheim explaining the origins of ShyGuy:

“ShyGuy was created from my trama I grew up not really feeling loved. So I created characters in order to cope. I also hid behind anime characters and cartoon characters. And ShyGuy came out of that. Now I’m bringing him to the public, so that I can rid of this trama. Gotta work with everything in order to make something whole.”

The nostalgia of Hawthorne park set the stage for an event that was the epitome of “do it yourself” . Shyheim didn’t wait for a huge stage to get constructed. He didn’t wait for a massive pyrotechnics setup. What he did do was call on his friends and family to help him construct an intimate setting where the spotlight shined bright on Shyheim. He had his stage. He had his people. And most importantly he had the North Wind When it came to his people . What was supposed to also feature Lawrence Leon and his music. Didn’t. Unfortunately Lawrence Leon had caught Covid a few days before the performance. Our prayers and wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery. Another artist Zzaj who is featured on Shyheim’s track “Kaiser” was also unable to make the performance. But was fortunate was the artists Zorro , and another being 7urreal , who is apart of the collective Tribe Luminescent , of which Shyheim is apart of. It was dope watching Shyheim put some of the spotlight on 7urreal. Cause I learned that day that he got bars.

Shyheim. Most know him as ShyGuy and if you’ve been to any of his performances than you know that they have been mostly done under the ShyGuy moniker. But this performance was different. Throughout ShyGuy’s performance his mask fit firmly to his face while at times rapping in a still reserved matter. That was until we heard the chant. “Tryna leave this box I’m in, break loose (I’m tryna loose)”. With each repetition the chant got louder and louder, until finally Shyheim removed his mask and threw it to the ground. THIS WAS THE DEATH OF SHYGUY. And with that also came the birth of Shyheim Nwadiei . The thing that stood out most about Shyheim Nwadiei as compared to ShyGuy was that from the first bar, there was no question that he had the juice. The way he rapped “Talk to Me” was as if he was stepping into his greatness and finally realizing his gift was for the world and should no longer be dimmed. You are the Light!

From then on Shyheim Nwadiei took over and ran through an impressive list of tracks that ranged from familiar to unheard. Some of the noticeable ones being tracks from his latest album Calls of the North Wind. (Read our Album Review: Shyheim Nwadiei — Calls of the North Wind(tulsalines.com). But the question still remains. Is ShyGuy really dead? Here’s what Shyheim Nwadiei had to say:

“From this day forward. No more being called ShyGuy. It’s Shyheim Nwadiei! Only time you gonna see ShyGuy is at the North Wind Masquerade. SHYHEIM NWADIEI HAS TAKEN OVER!”

Thanks to Shyheim Nwadiei for inviting us out to a dope event. I look forward to the next North Wind Masquade.

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