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This past weekend was so dope. The rebranded World Culture Music Festival (now called Dream Land Festival) was filled with everything from a jog, to panel discussions, to live music, to vendors, to a film screening. It was really an amazing sight to see. And all this going on right here in Tulsa. With all that being said I think it’s interesting to see who were the WINNERS and who were the LOSERS of this past weekend’s 1st Annual Dream Land Festival.

Tulsa. Tulsa won in the fact that so many amazing people came to Tulsa to spread their knowledge and to be involved in the culture. But what was really win was the people that are movers and shakers in Tulsa getting their recognition and being in the spotlight. That goes for both people in tech as well as the artists in the music industry. There was so much networking going on at the event, it was a beautiful thing to see.

The Artists. I think this past weekend was an opportunity for artists to truly get out and network and take advantage of the weekend. There were literally A&Rs, artist managers, social media managers, etc, etc. There was literally a breakout session to teach artists how to get money called “How To Make Real Money As An Independent Artist” hosted by the co-owners from Build Your Own Dreams. The sad part was that the room was not even half-way full. How don’t you show up to a free.99 event about how to get to the bag? Also when it comes to knowing what time an artist went on not even half the artists had a flier. Not even a post about what time they were performing. How are your fans going to show support if they don’t know what time you’re going on? Also where was the merch??? With this many people here in Tulsa and I only saw a few artists with merch.

Jah The Jedii. There is no bigger winner than her. The artist from Atlanta who has busted onto the scene and made waves with the Ground Waves showcase with rapper Murs where she impressed and got a co-sign from the town GOAT Steph Simon. But wait.. It gets better. She was then given a chance to perform on the main stage on Saturday night. But wait. It gets even betterer! She was then brought on stage by Grammy nominated artist Rapsody who also co-signed her and gave her the mic on her set. The only thing that didn’t go right for Jah The Jedii is that she didn’t have any music out to direct all the fans that approached her after the weekend. But this will change Friday! She’s releasing her first project that will be on all digital streaming platforms! Best believe I’m looking out to see what’s next for Jah The Jedii.

Father. I think he was a wildcard pick. He went on a Friday which in Oklahoma if it’s a workday it’s hard to get us out the house. Also, staying for a concert where the main act doesn’t go on to well after 1am. That’s just not Oklahoma. We in the bed. Which showed during his performance. The crowd had thinned out. But being a true artist Father still rocked that bitch like it was 1,000 people in the crowd. He got to see and meet his true fans and turn up with them. so I can’t say this was. that major a loss. Plus he still got the bag.

K.O. She has to be one of the hardest working artists in Oklahoma. Just look around downtown and you were sure to spot her poster up that had a QR code that let you know everything about K.O. She supported and networked at all the shows. Her performance was crazy. Or should I say performances. The Saturday performance at the main Holberton stage was bananas. She owned that stage. She owned the crowd. She showed why she was so great of an artist. She had fliers telling what time she was going on. She had merch so that you could support. There was literally nothing I can say bad about anything she did this weekend. She won!

Tulsa. The festival brought so much value that it was surprising to see that it wasn’t packed at all the events. This was the time to be apart of the culture and see all it had to offer. I only wish that the highshoolers would’ve came out and seen the black tech crowd. Just to know that it existed in Tulsa. Also to see the artists and producers and the behind the scenes people. There are so many aspiring artists. Instead of moving to Atlanta or California or New York. First find out what resources you have here that you can take advantage of. You’ll be surprised. Especially now with all the money that is coming into Tulsa. This is the time to get educated, to know your land.

The Headliners. LaRussell and Rapsody. Both are amazing artists that got to display their talents to Tulsa. Not only did they show up to Tulsa but they supported Tulsa. They broke bread in Tulsa by supporting local businesses. Rapsody spoke about how she went to Silhouette Sneakers & Art and copped some gear. LaRussell poured into Tulsa on his discussion panel where he talked about navigating the game as an independent artist and how he stays true to himself and doesn’t get caught up in the trends. Both artists gained new fans and probably were exposed to a market that they never thought about. Who knows if Tulsa might become a reoccurring tour stop for them.

The biggest winner was the festival. It keeps growing. It keeps getting bigger. And 1 day Steph Simon will have that Ferris Wheel he’s been wanting. It all started with a VISION!

Thanks for reading! Let us know if you have any losers or winners that didn’t make the list!!

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