Ryan Anderson
2 min readJan 28, 2022

​In the words of Kendrick Lamar still holding down for the city. So when I got the call about doing a 2021 Rap-Up. I had to jump at the opportunity. On the OK.One network with host “2021 I ain’t taking no prisoners”. This was one of the craziest years just following a hell of a 2020. Les-be-honest! But one good thing that did come out of 2021 was some dope ass music which included Fire In Little Africa , a newcomer by the name of OTS J Huncho, and some old veterans Tulsa Lines . Listen up and see just how dope 2021 was for Oklahoma music. Buddy Rodriguez and guests Jarry Manna from IndyPot, Meezo Mitchell from 20ondatown Podcast, and of course Tulsa Lines. Listen up and see just how dope 2021 was for Oklahoma music.

Host: Buddy Rodriguez (@buddy_rodriguez_). Now on Tulsa Lines Podcast streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and other podcast streaming platforms.

- — — Guests:
Meezo Mitchell (@meezomitchell) from @20ondatownpodcast
Ando (@ando_hd) from (@tulsalines)
Jarry Manna (@jarrymanna) from (@indypotmedia)

Thanks again for listening! 2021 was a hell of a year and 2022 is gonna be even better. So tonite say a toast and jam some Oklahoma music.

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