Album Review: Guerrilla Warfare 2 by OTS J Huncho

Ryan Anderson
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Guerrilla Warfare . If your familiar with the term, then you know that it is all about non-military civilians who take up arms to fight against larger traditional military. OTS J Huncho named his first album Guerrilla Warfare , and it was all too fitting. The way he seemed to come out of nowhere and drop a tape that spread like wildfire. It was very much like a militia that he was creating, as his fanbase and supporters grew, so did his legend. The one who is determined to put The Hills on the map. And he’s looking to again use his Guerrilla Warfare tactics with the second installment called “Guerrilla Warfare 2” .

The lead single “ Lions Den (Intro)” is the epitome of OTS J Huncho. When you hear an OTS J Huncho song what your gonna notice immediately is him. That’s because as soon as the beat drops OTS J Huncho starts rapping. He doesn’t play around with the beat. It’s go time as soon as that bass hits but often times even before the beat drops , he’s going in. Also, an OTS J Huncho song is gonna have bars, metaphors, and similes, all coming at you fast and direct. At times I found myself going back and relistening to a track and catching a metaphor that I might have missed. “I done called more plays than Tom Brady and Tyler Perry combined.” This track is OTS J Huncho. He gonna talk his shit and say it with his chest out. He even put out a video that you can checkout below.

I’m a Gorilla I’m a Dog,
I’m a dog Ima Gorilla,
I talk the most shit,
I’m the most flashiest”

One thing to note about the second track “Elihah Landrum” is that the title is the name of an actual person who is a basketball standout from Central high school that has committed to playing at SMU. The track starts out with a snippet from Floyd Mayweather’s HBO All Access for his fight against Pacquiao . And it’s easy to draw the comparison between the two. Both have a crazy work ethic. OTS J Huncho himself has put out track after track along side with an EP and now Guerilla Warefare 2. Both are also talking shit and backing it up . “One of these lame niggas wifein my head hunter, can’t lie I was mad as the fuck, she cut me off and shit for probably like a month, but she doubled bad cause ain’t shit like the Hunch”. That’s a hell of a statement to make. There’s also has a video that was filmed at the Skyline Mansion which used to be a leader of the KKK’s residence. If Tate Brady wasn’t rolling over in his grave before. He sure is now. Cause OTS J Huncho is posted with his crew all on the front porch. Take a look for yourself.

The next track is “85 South Show” . Which is also the name of a popular show that features comedians from Atlanta. OTS J Huncho even mentions the cast in the song. “Ima a young fly nigga like DC, playing with bitches like Los, and these niggas round here wanna be me, and my brother roll off a chico, that’s a bean if your ass didn’t know.” Not only is the flow crazy. The familiar sample of Drake’s Controlla can he heard playing in the background. This is a song you can cruise to, but at the same time you still get bars . OTS J Huncho is still rapping his ass off on the track. It’s like he never takes a track off.

​If you’re from Tulsa or just watch a lot of TV then you know that unfortunately Tulsa has a high murder rate. This is one of the reasons the TV show The First 48 chose Tulsa as a filming destination. And looking at the title of track 4 “Home of First 48” OTS J Huncho knows all too well the problems going on in the town. “If from the home of the first 48 where they play with extensions way more than beauticians.” It’s lines like these that tell of just how much gun violence is a part of Tulsa. Even with all the violence surrounding OTS J Huncho his talent is helping him grow into an artist that can help change the Tulsa narrative. “The only time a bitch played me was on the Aux” . The track ends with 4 bars from Big Tike’s culturally impactful single “Drank Up in My Cup”.

“They had them jokes and shit about The Hills,
But ain’t said shit since the Huncho done popped out,
Niggas is bitches”.

(94) Ots J Huncho x Home of First 48 (Official Video) — YouTube

You probably didn’t know OTS J Huncho was into classical music . Just listening to the beat the familiar samples Beethoven’s “Für Elise” hits your ear. OTS J Huncho must be a classical music historian . OK we’re joking. We’re not sure if OTS J Huncho is a classical music lover, but what isn’t a joke is how OTS J Huncho has repps for The Hills especially on the track “Shhh (G Hills Legend)”. “They had them jokes and shit about The Hills but ain’t said shit since the Huncho done popped out. Niggas is bitches”. And it’s true. There hasn’t been a rapper that has represented from The Hills like him. Of course, there have been artists that have mentioned it and dappled with being from both The Hills and north Tulsa . But there hasn’t been an artist who took The Hills and put it on their back like OTS J Huncho is. The track shows his unapologetic bars and a flow that shows that he can back up every line. It’s like going up against a top athlete and they’re up. And to add insult to injury they talk shit too . Checkout out the video and see what I’m talking about.

The second half of the album starts with the track “Return of The Apes (Interlude)” , it feels like that intro part to a TV show where they recap the whole season in under a minute, but in this case it’s OTS J Huncho’s life that he is recapping from a first-person perspective. The song is noticeably shorter at only 1 minute and 37 seconds. But within this short one verse track, OTS J Huncho says a lot , and the track shares some similarities with the previous track which is that OTS J Huncho reps The Hills hard.
“Make sure them niggas respect The Hills like they respect the north.” The song is truly a snapshot that dives into different situations he’s went through to get to this point, from talking about someone snitching on his father, to low times when he slept on artist/producer SolRay’s couch, to now being the man in the town. This track you get your bang for your buck he spits all these bars before the beat even drops. While the sample is looping your kept anticipating the drop which makes you listen to what he had to say that much more. This was genius.

“Calvins Story Pt. 2” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It showcases OTS J Huncho’s pen and storytelling ability. The track is a sequel and continues where Calvins Story Pt. 1 left off. Like forreal the track picks up perfectly, I found myself going back and listen to both tracks back-to-back and seeing how the storyline is so well written, almost like an episodic TV show. He paints such a vivid picture that makes you actually feel like you’re apart of the story. Like you can see the robbery . You can see the cop getting shot . You’re fully invested in the story. I’m personally hoping and looking forward to hearing part 3 to the Calvins Story saga .

Track 8 is “Scoring Moore The Maya” . From its title it seems to be a basketball reference to famous WNBA player Maya Moore . This may also be why he puts so many bars referencing sports athletes in the track, he midest well be scoring more than Maya Moore. “I heard that you got up in front of that court, and turned into Paul Pierce and was telling the truth.” BARRRSSS!!! He could’ve stopped the track after that. Also, something to note about this track is that it’s the first track where another featured artist appears. Sabree Carter , is a rapper who also appears on Guerrilla Warfare 1 on track “Boosie in 09” . She is in pocket and her rhythmic voice chop up the beat nicely. “Really stepped on some niggas in Vans, couple niggas that treat me like Stan, put on that shit call me Miss Dapper Dan.”

“Everytime I kick this coke shit,
It have they mind blown,
Brodie Bro got 2k’s he ain’t even got no console.”

The first thing you notice about “Ricky Tan” is one, the title being from the villain in Rush Hour 2. The second thing you notice is the Ne-Yo “So Sick” sample. Which seems out of place for a hip-hop track. But that’s until the beat drops and you go. “Good one. I see what you did there”. Here’s just one of the lines that caught my attention “Brodie Bro got 2k’s he ain’t even got no console.” The third thing you notice on here is that Phil Sosa is featured on the track. The West and The Hills they go hand and hand so this collab makes sense. Phil Sosa spits some dope bars, but if you know his music then you know that already. “Ima blow this bitch until I hurt my shoulder blade, Glock on me, catch a nigga slippin like a rollerblade”. This track was great move for both artists. Both artists get introduced to each other’s fanbase and in the end everyone wins. Who knows. There may even be a video for this one too.

What a ride. We are finally down to the last track on the album, which is called “Crenshaw and Slausen Freestyle (Outro).” From the title alone, you can’t half step on Nipsey Hussle’s turf. Also, it’s the last track! Usually, the last track wraps up the theme to an album and can be seen as the end of the story. I feel like this track goes a different direction . In that it makes sure there are doubts left. OTS J Huncho can rap. Simple and plain. But the track is far from simple. The track starts with another familiar sample being Childish Gambino’s song “Redbone “. But it’s OTS J Huncho’s complex bars makes so that he even tells you what he means so that it doesn’t go over your head. “Smoke exotic, That shit boxed, they ain’t boxin, They gonna box him, That mean drop him”. The song tells the world who OTS J Huncho is so that they can’t tell the story. It Was Written…

Guerrilla Warfare 2! It’s one of the best albums to come out of Tulsa this year. It’s the sequel that is just as strong as the 1st installment. I did want him to put “SharkLotto Freestyle” on here, but I can’t complain because there are so many great songs on this album. The album uses familiar samples to draw in the audience . But at the same time, I think the thing about an OTS J Huncho song is that you look forward to hearing him rapping more than you look forward to hearing the beat. Which is a trait that breakout artists and mainstream artists have. Guerrilla Warfare 2 gives the fans what they want. Bars, delivery , bravado, and of course one reppin for The Hills. So give Guerrilla Warfare 2 a listen and let us know what you think.

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