Album Review: Snackin’ with Flavor

​​Le Cordon Bleu (translated as “The Blue Ribbon) is one of the best culinary schools in Paris. Chefs from all around the world travel for the chance to be apart of the tutelage and prestige from a school that has been known to produce some of the best chefs in the nation. But do you have to go to such a prestigious institution to be considered a world-renowned chef? Not for Keeng Cut! His recent project “Snackin’ with Flavor” showcases his ability to put together some amazing dishes that can only be described a divine experience that few are worthy of. Let’s take a seat and order from “Snackin’ with Flavor”.

Opening the tracklist is like opening the menu of an upscale five-star restaurant where your glass is never empty and there and no need for condiments. Each song of this 10 track project has a title that suggests at an expensive restaurant where the ingredients are always fresh combined with unique combinations that can only be found there. The main ingredients being of course Keeng Cut and producer dj noname. who together have created a fine dining experience complete with decadent dishes and a sound that creates the pace for savoring this tape. That’s exactly what you have to do with this tape is savor it. Savor the heavily jazz influenced production. Savor the luxurious bars that are like morsels of savory flavor. Each track is the right portion and well with the cost.

​Cost or rather is something Keeng Cut has always rapped about going back to his Khampa Trillman days. It’s lines like “Smellin’ like Oil or Bond. I can do both baby. You can get the knife or the fists. I can do both hater” on the track “Tulsa Food Trucks” that seems to remind his listeners that the Khampa Trillman is still very much apart of him. But also on the track are lines about passive income, ownership, and taking care of business that shows just how much he has evolved. And like a world-renowed chef who knows how the acidy and bitterness on a customer’s palate, Keeng Cut shows this same balance when rapping about guns and butter. Another example of this is on the track “Tuxedo Sundae” which has a beat that is business yet fun and flavorful. This evolution continues into the next song “Crustacean Cake Eggs Benedict” where he raps:

Let’s talk a little more about the other chefs featured on this album. It’s the surprise these featured chefs create dishes and enhance the menu as seen with tracks like “Creamy Ramen” and “Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries” that both have become house favorites. These tracks have their unique flavors that you just can’t put your finger on but you know it just works. “Creamy Ramen” introduces the chefs Dialtone and Teddy Oso. And although last, Teddy Oso showcases a perfectly plated delivery of bars that complement both Dialtone and Keeng Cut. Who themselves serve up exceptional verses. ​

​But this isn’t the only time Dialtone helps Keeng Cut chef in the kitchen. His second feature is on the track “Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries”. It’s on this track that Diatone proves that it pays dividends to have help, as he is more of a sous-chef that has been called in to help Keeng Cut to complete the orders within a 2 minute and 43 second ticket time. Timing is everything on this track yet the two collaborate so well that there is no mentions of restaurant terms like “Behind”, “Fire it”, or “Sharp”. These terms are intended to let each chef know where the other is. But on this track ,they just know. This can be seen as the two pass the mic which becomes sort of a knife that the two pass after their verses cut through the beat. Lastly the “runner” dj noname delivers some dope commentary who is like a host that gives his recommendation of how this menu item can go from good to flavorous. Take a listen and you’ll know what I mean.

One of the best Anthony Bordain’s episode’s of Parts Unknown was on Season 8, Episode 5 in which he visited Houston. The show showcased the southern hospitality along with the melting pot of cultures who have brought recipes and new foods to this booming oil town which has become a food destination. Keeng Cut first hand has experienced the rich culture and foods of Houston and has done his fair share of trips down I-45. This is most apparent on the track “Fiesta on Jensen Drive Got the Best Pineapple in Houston”. This is an ode to H-Town where he reminisces on Houston places like The Screw Shop, The Galleria, Johnny’s, and amongst others Fiesta Mart store, which is the name of the track. Throughout the track he raps about the close friends like Roy who helped him navigate and stay connected to H-Town. While also paying homage to Houston legends even going as far as giving Houston producer George Young the title of one of the gods of Houston. It’s easy to see why this city is so invigorating. And appropriately that he ends it by singing, “Gotta Love That H-Town”.

​Showing off his taste for exotic flavors Keeng Cut’s track “Neveria LaFuente” is unique. This song is epitome of extravagance and deculance. The type of dinner you have to save up for. Where the champagne is perfectly poured and the waiter after sitting down your plate says “Disfrútate de la comida.” It’s an experience and the ambiance that you enjoy. Which is initially created by the slow hypnotizing Latin influenced beat. Mix this with Keeng Cut’s smooth and eloquent delivery and you’ll know why people save their whole checks just for one night out of extravagance. This track truly becomes his international dish.

To fully experience “Snackin’ with Flavor” you have to go to his YouTube page “Keeng Cut TV”. On there you can find a volume of episodes called “Snackin’ with Flavor” where Keeng Cut himself walks you through how to make the very dishes he raps about. Keeng Cut again shines as he showcases his mastery of the culinary arts and commanding stage presence. It’s here that he shows that Snackin’ with Flavor isn’t about heating up frozen dinners or late night cooking TV Informals. Come on we talking about flavor! And Keeng Cut’s meals involve curated ingredients that are prepped in a way that enhances the flavor of each ingredient. What’s also impressive is his ability to get steer from the beaten path of recipes and see him work with only the ingredients he has available. This is what makes him flavor king. It’s no doubt that if the legendary chef Anthony Bourdain was still alive he would want to visit with no reservations the experience that is Snackin’ with Flavor.

Compliments to the chefs. And to reiterate this s not about cheddar biscuits. Snackin’ with Flavor is like being in a 5-star luxury dining experience where the ambiance is set by cultivating jazz sounds offset by the notes of flavorful wine and of course flavorful lyrics. And if you listen close enough you’ll get some of the key recipes that make this project have so much flavor. So next time you’re in the kitchen preparing a meal, throw on “Snackin’ with Flavor”. It’s guaranteed to be the key ingredient you didn’t know you were missing.

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