Album Review: Stay Flavored My Friend

The World’s Most Interesting Man. Some would say they miss the old guy that was always dressed in suits and told tall tales. But to those that know Keeng Cut know that he we wasn’t even close. Keeng Cut, artist, entrepreneur, and also most would say trend-setter. But even that would be an understatement to his influence and cultural impact. Nearly a year ago he introduced the world to Flavio Cûtore, a smooth, fly, and debonair who is polar opposite to the rapping Keeng Cut. But now with the release of Keeng Cut’s latest release “Stay Flavored My Friend”, Keeng Cut learned that both could co-exist on the same project and if anything else it would be fully flavor!

Richer . The first track is like an ode to Keeng Cut’s progression that he and his friends have all been apart of and have also themselves progressed. Long-time collaborator Trak delivers a smooth vocal for the chorus that lays the groundwork for the theme of the track. Also featured is Co2 Da Great. Co2 Da Great is a veteran, and it’s with his knowledge and wisdom that he lends some dope quotables to the track. “Turned 4 and a baby to a E.I.N. They can’t do it how I do it, cause I do it times 10.” Also Keeng Cut lays down arguably his best verse on the EP. The 3rd verse of the track is like the perfect VERSE. I say that capitalized. bolded, underlined, and italicized. The timing is impeachable and flows seamlessly with the transitions of the beat. His wordplay and metaphors are so on topic that it’s literally a blueprint to success. It leaves the listener feeling like. Damn. This is only the first track. No warning Huh?

I’m Up. The 2nd track of the EP is more upbeat and is the perfect motivational track. It reminds me of that summertime grind. The feeling of let’s go! Whether that’s working out our just motivating you to get out of bed and going to work, this track will get you hype! It’s hard not to get caught up by the beat’s bounce and the track’s catchy hook. This is Keeng Cut in his element. His signature “Opps, oopps, opps” ad-lib is the flawless victory to another hit for Keeng Cut, but this victory is not to be celebrated before DIALTONE is tagged in. DIALTONE brings his own delivery to the track and (also his artwork is featured in the cover art.) His flow is unorthodox and unpredictable like when the euro-step was when it was first introduced to the NBA. Nobody knew how to defend it, or if it was legal. But it always got the job done. And this is what DIALTONE does. Gets the job done. And who shows that it’s more than one way to score or in this case grind. “Better buy you some bitcoin and sit on it. Get off the pot or you gon shit on it.”

Hearthrob. This is where Keeng Cut and Flavio Cûtore prove that they both can co-exist on the same project. This is undoubtedly a Flavio Cûtore featuring Keeng Cut track. The slow smooth tempo and playa singing is Fully Flavio, as his voice can be heard off into the distance of the track. It’s subtle, and intentional that he let the listener’s minds finish the words rather them him. Then like a switch Keeng Cut lays a tightly wealved 8 bars reminding listeners that he canrap . “ I make all the necessary moves. I paid all the necessary dues.”

Stay Flavored My Friend is short at just 3 songs. But not in a bad way. It’s like fine dining. You get high quality and full flavor, but not so much portion that it fills you up. The EP leaves the listener wanting more. Even the songs, especially Hearthrob. This is what makes Keeng Cut the World’s Most Interesting Man. He can pack soo much flavor into such a short project and create an experience that leaves the listeners wanting more. This is undobtedly the Appetizer to the album that everyone is waiting on. But in the meantime. STAY FLAVORED MY FRIEND!

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