​Introductions are everything. You only get to introduce yourself to the world one time. For an artist your first introduction is your art. For Auri her introduction to the world will be with her debut single “Loves Me Like You” . Auri is an R&B vocalist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who puts not only her talent into her music but also her life. That’s just what “Loves Me Like You” is, a life experience that is expressed through melodic undertones of love and passion in lines like,
“I hope he loves me like you.”. Which would seem like the female version of the Future text meme that famously ends with Future saying he cares about her and to tell her momma you said hi. It her smooth melodic voice that draws you in and her vocal range that keeps you listening.

Reminiscent that’s how I would explain this track. Auri is reminiscing on the love she had for her former lover and how she still misses the love he had for her. Auri’s voice and her tone paint the picture of loving memories and shared experiences. To be loved the way you want to be loved. That’s what she’s singing. There is also a fear of not finding someone that can replace that void that her lover left . “I would spend my life tryna to find somebody like you.” and “Hard for me to move on from you.” words like these flow effortlessly from her mouth. She is not over him just yet. Sitting in her room like the Brandy song, singing and remembering. This might be what contributes to the cycle two lovers go through. The make up to break ups. It’s these idle times that makes a person do something they thought they would never do again. Remember the way someone else loved them. Loves Me Like You is Auri’s introduction to the world, And if it’s any indication of her musical ability than Auri will be at the top in no time.

Checkout Auri’s debut single “Loves me like you” below and let us know what you think:

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Instagram: @4everauri

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