Chris “The God MC” Cain proves why OKC has ARRIVED!

Rapped by real name,
I never fronted.

By the first bar, it’s not even a question. It’s Chris “The God MC” Cain. A name that carries so much weight and has been pivotal in the growth of Oklahoma Hip Hop. I say Hip Hop because he’s apart of the culture and is quick to remind you of the distinction between Hip Hop the “culture” and Rap the “genre”. Which he’s always been an advocate for the culture and is etched in his rhymes. Words that depict his life and most importantly the name that he stands behind. A bold statement, but for anyone that knows his music knows that is the only way he knows.

But for the past year people have been wondering “Where’s Cain?” His last studio album release “Now Showing”, played like a movie that brought back the nostalgia of growing up in the 90s while also giving it’s listeners a front seat view of the Eastside of OKC. But what has he been up to since? He’s released two EPs (“Lucky to Be a Legend” & “My Ghetto Gospel Wherever It May Be”), he’s released multiple featured verses (most notably “The Fire in Little Africa Project”), and also has been about his family. With all these accomplishments still, people were missing the presence of the rapper that has always been present on every bar. It was not until his unique black and white cinematic rollout for “Arrived” that we knew something special was on the way. When “The God MC” would let the world know that he had “Arrived”.

Arrived is the name of the title track off the album that comes near the midpoint of the album. The track starts off with a female storyteller who speaks of being inspired by his music and the rap scene in OKC that he helped create. What’s always been a strength of his is how technical of a lyricist he is. His bars are so deep that even the subtlest bar is like a puzzle that crime detectives could put on a wall and piece together the connections between each bar. For example the bar. “2Pacalypse Now, Apocalypse Now, Just Smile”. One by one these breakdown into pieces that string together to lead to the next clue. Anyone can make words rhyme but only a truly skilled lyricist can make not only the words rhyme but also make the listener think. Only a lyricist can make the listener research what the artist meant when they wrote a particular bar. But then again this is “The God MC”

​”Day one’s since little niggas, couldn’t play on the court.” This one line again shows his gift to paint pictures with his words. Better yet movies, Because this line is something that we’ve all lived. As kids playing basketball waiting for the older kids who were playing full court to momentarily move to the other basket so that you could quickly take a shot before they come back. That’s the scene that’s replayed in every hood. Which makes this track so nostalgic and at the same time sort of a blueprint to how young boys grow up on the Eastside.

The album Arrived still has so much to unpack that it would be an injustice to just review it after one day. So until then here’s the review of the track “Arrived” by Chris “The God MC” Cain. A track that is a holistic approach to looking at the different moments of time. From driving down the same roads, to seeing the gentrification happening all around him. This track is almost a celebration of his timing. Or better yet to announce that he’s “Arrived”.

Checkout the track “Arrived” by Chris “The God MC” Cain below:

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