Get To Know The Dj Introducing Music To A New Generation dj noname.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when dj noname. stepped onto the scene. But when he did come no one could’ve imagined the immediate impact that he would have on the Tulsa music and art scene. It all seemed to come at the right time, when all the stars aligned. But also it came at a time when the big money started to take an interest in the local music and art scenes that were happening right in his own backyard. So who is dj noname.? Who’s this mysterious character who is greeted with handshakes and head nods from some of the most influential people in the Oklahoma music game? Tulsa Lines Podcast set out to answer these questions and more.

We usually don’t do video. But for this classic interview we had to create a classic moment. And that’s what this is. The Interview: with dj noname.

Thanks for watching and tuning in. Make sure to follow dj noname. on all of his social media below:

Instagram: @nosamyrag
Twitter: @nosamyrag
Spotify: dj nonmame.

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