​What does it take to be known in Oklahoma? Is it a fly car? Is it million-dollar music videos? Maybe the girls? Naw it has to be the money right? Wrong! All these things are the rewards from the hard work and sacrifice that an artist has to go through to get to the top. JuvieRay is an artist that has put in the hard work, has sacrificed, and has put everything into his music, including his new single “Back From Me”.

JuvieRay is an artist from Tulsa Oklahoma that is looking to take the industry by storm with help of Umbrella Music Group. He has been rocking shows in and out of state while also consistently dropping music. Once you see him perform, you are sure to become a fan of the rising star that is JuvieRay.

The new single “Back From Me” is JuvieRay’s latest release. In a world where anyone can sit in a basement and create a song, this is the polar opposite of that. Back From Me is a song feels polished. His vocals layered perfectly on each bar. The beat infectiously builds and sets the stage for JuvieRay to speak his truth. You can tell this track has been mixed and mastered by just how well the vocals sound and are arranged. JuvieRay’s talent is undeniable and he can both sing as well as lay down a hot 16 which is no easy feat. But JuvieRay makes it look easy. This track showcases his songwriting abilities which is easy to see when you dissect this track. The melodies, the highs of his vocal pitches all happen at the right moments. And that’s what makes a great song. A song that has moments. And this song has plenty of moments. These moments are backed by the video where JuvieRay is the star with his leading lady. Both do a great job at creating a visual representation of the song. A song that is about the different relationships JuvieRay has experienced. The first verse tells of the times when JuvieRay was a young hustler on the come up. Seeing the fake people that clung on or didn’t stay around. The second verse is about JuvieRay being up and dodging those same people that left.

Remember you was parted of the hatred
And was part of the fakin’
And kept it real is all I did
I remember I’d give you all I had

Check out JuvieRay’s latest video “Back From Me” and let us know what you think!

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