Parris Chariz Is Giving It His All With His New Single “Can’t Hold Back Freestyle”.

Freestyle. The general consensus of a freestyle is that it is an improvised, unwritten, display of flow, and lyricism that occurs in one attempt. A song is generally more structured as opposed to a freestyle which can be seen as more of a stream of thought. But as time and rap have evolved the term freestyle itself has become more blurry. The freestyle track is now more of an unstructured song that has no chorus and a particular topic that it has to stick to. The freestyle track is still intended to let artist show off their skill as a stream of thought but if you need more than one take, that’s allowed now. If you need an example of this look no further than Parris Chariz’s track called “Can’t Hold Back Freestyle”.

When you’re eatin raman,
But your tastebuds Outback,
Stealin my style,
I think my phone in the house tapped,

The track appears on his latest album 2045 Deluxe: Airwavs which is the second helping to the 2045 saga. The track’s somber feel sets the stage for Parris Chariz to answer the question “Are you here?” He answers by giving the old hip hop heads what they want. Lyricism and bars centered around the classic boom-bap percussion. The track is jam-packed with quotable lines that make you double-take. His talent extends beyond the box that most gatekeepers try to put him in. Bar after bar come at the listener like a game of Guitar Hero, where the slightest break is given right before a string of back to back lines that grab your ear as your brain tries to decode and process before the next bar comes. Parris Chariz ain’t here to play. ​He repeats the last line. “I CAN’T HOLD BACK!”

Remeber when shorty said I’m her man, I played the zone.

Checkout Parris Chariz’s single “Can’t Hold Back Freestyle” below:

Go follow Parris Chariz on his social media below:

Instagram: @parrischariz
Twitter: @parrischariz
Spotify: Parris Chariz

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