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When it comes to super artists in Tulsa the at the top of that list includes Jarry Manna, 2Peece, and Medisin. Their talents can be seen on numerous classic projects that have helped shaped the sound of Tulsa. Each artist in their respects have racked up millions of streams and a backlog of requests from fellow artists wanting to capture some of their powers to shine on a song. The unique thing about this trio is that they each have brought their unique talents to the Tulsa music scene, as well as huge commercial placements. But what if you put all of their powers together. It would be some type of cheat code. Right? That’s exactly what their new project called “Super Sad Bros” is. It’s the ultimate cheat code. But to them the project has been hours of hard work and a tight rope of balance between the right amount of each artist on a track. But to their competition this project doesn’t feel forced. Matter of fact it seems so effortless some would say they were on Autopilot, which is the name of one of the tracks on their Super Sad Bros project.

It’s a fucking hit! That was my first impression just 10 seconds into the song. The layered vocals of Jarry Manna opens the track with a smooth wavy delivery. You just want to be Jarry Manna, and this track proves why. His presence and ability to ride the beat is another reason why his fanbase reaches so far and every time that he drops a track the numbers are crazy. Even more impressive is the anticipation as the beat builds. This is that fist pump music. Where the dude that’s had way too much is in the middle of the floor saying, “Just wait for it.” 2Peece really shows his production range as the beat seems to take off into outer space. And just as the rocket reaches the atmosphere the moon man Medisin steps out into zero gravity and floats on the track. His voice guiding you through the cosmos and continuing to ascend to the moon. The listener is right there next to him to experience this intergalactic trip. This is a very intricate song but again they make it seem effortless.

Autopilot can’t easily be summed up because that wouldn’t give justice to the complexities of the track. On the other hand over-analyzing this track would also be wrong. The happy medium is to say that this track is a feeling. The type of feeling that helps you escape if but for 3 minutes and 54 seconds. The feeling that your in your own music video where the camera follows you around like Usher’s video U Remind Me. It has that crossover feel that can be used in commercials and could even have a Kidz Bop version years later. It’s when the bass pounds against the speaker that gives the same kind of heart pounding feeling of being in the center of a club dancing carefree with your friends. No worries about bills. No worries about work. Just that feeling in time. That feeling in space. So if someone asked me to sum up this song, I would answer. It’s the same thing that differentiates us from robots. The feeling.

Go checkout the track “Autopilot” now on Instagram as well as on YouTube:

Also follow their Instagram accounts for more updates on the Super Sad Bros project:

Jarry Manna Instagram: @jarrymanna
2 Peece Instagram: @the2peece
Medisin Instagram: @iammedisin

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