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Ryan Anderson
4 min readFeb 24, 2022

​It’s something about a phenomenal woman. Mayou Angelau told us about them in her famous poems. A phenomenal woman has the power to command a room. She knows herself. A phenomenal woman will get the respect from the president all the way down to the pimp. Just something about her that is undeniable, something special about her that makes you think differently when you approach her. And as Dejay Williams explains in his new single. it’s something “Everybody Knows”. So let’s sit back and listen to Dejay Williams explain just what a phenomenal woman is, and what sets her apart from every other female.

DeeJay Williams is a multi-talented artist and producer from Tulsa who also goes under the alias isoundlikeme. His last body of work was in 2020 “Grown Folx”, was a 6 track EP that featured a supporting cast of artists that kept it just that. Grown and sexy. Looking to make 2022 a year of dropping music, he’s ready to open the vault and show what he’s been working on and let the world know who is DeJay Williams.

The track opens up with a sample from Adele Given’s Def Comedy Jam performance she starts with, “Do I look like a fucking lady or what?”. Anyone that knows Adele Given’s standup routines knows she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind no matter who might be listening, she continues with, “I like being a fucking lady, especially in the 90’s. We get to say what the fuck we want.” . This not-so-subtle introduction sets the stage for Dejay Williams to tell just what “Everybody Knows.”​

“Moma gave her clues on how a queens supposed to move.
Daddy from the streets so he taught her think like a man,
Stack yo paper like a jew.”

​The above line is just one of the ways Dejay is able to tell the truth about when you’re with a phenomenal woman you can’t pull a fast one against her. She’s seen it all. And when it comes to getting at somebody, she knows the time and the place. But above all else she’s still such a fucking lady. Or as Dejay says at the end of the bridge, Boss Chick. Tameka Howard is the featured female vocalist on the track. Her words are a 1st person perspective of what a Boss Chick is. A woman who is determined and driven. A woman who can get the attention of any man. And last but not least, a Boss Bitch. Tameka sings every line with a conviction and a confidence, and don’t forget sexiness, that leaves you wanting to meet this phenomenal woman.

One of the most interesting things about this track is the production. The keys bring a distinction and an attentiveness to the track while the bass chords pull against this attentiveness as to say “don’t forget I’m still about that life.”. The same thing Dejay raps about in verse 1. “Baby got class, still will whoop that ass, if anybody want it”. There are multiple lines like this that shows Dejay’s ability to paint a picture of what kind of woman he’s talking about. While at the same time effortlessly riding the beat, His timing is perfect as he is able to punctate at the right times with the beat. You can tell DeJay is not new to making music and that he knows about song structure and while at the same time being able to flow as if there are no boundaries or restrictions, which can often happen when trying to fit a rhyme into 16 bars. Also, he raps in a tone that signals that he himself has met this type of woman and has seen firsthand just how much of a fucking lady she is.

What sets a phenomenal woman apart? Is it her lips, the way she walks, the way you get lst in her eyes. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s independent and doesn’t have any time to waste. Or that she’s a Boss Chick! The answer is yes! She’s all of these things and more! But most importantly like Dejay Williams says, “Everybody Knows”. Just listen to his single featuring Tameka Howard and find out for yourself so you’ll know her when you see her.

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