Track2Track: All Facts Freestyle pt 2 by T3REZZY

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Facts! Can be defined as; A thing that is known or proved to be true. So that means there’s no confusion when it comes to what is, and what isn’t. No matter if it comes from the source or it comes from a third-party. The facts are the facts. T3REZZY is out to show the world that everything he says, he stands on. And it’s with the release of his new single “All Facfs Freestyle Pt. 2” that T3REZZY is setting the record straight.

T3REZZY (also known as T3) is an artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s also invested in his craft and has went all in by dropping music and music videos, though he’s yet to put out a full length project. He’s using this to his advantage by putting out hit singles in order to create a buzz in the streets and gain new followers to his already rapidly growing fanbase. T3REZZY is an artist look out for.

For there to be an All Facts Pt 2. There obviously had to be a part 1 which you can find the video here . The difference between these tracks starts with the production. Part. 1 has more of a West Coast vibe. Also the verse is a little more aggressive and in your face. But on Part 2 has a totally different feel. The track is produced by 2Peece (Click here to see All Facts)! , a highly respected producer from Tulsa who has placements with some of the biggest artists in the game as well as placements with major brands. 2Peece delivers a beat that is similar to the Detroit Drill music that has helped create a new sound. This sound is what T3REZZY excels on.

T3REZZY has flow on the track that is laid back, showing his confidence in himself as an artist but not arrogant. There is still a hunger in each bar that culminates into some really dope quotable lines. “In these Off-White sneaks but the checks Nike” & “I remember missing meals, now we gettin seconds” are just two examples of the numerous quotable lines that are sprinkled throughout the track. There’s no question that T3REZZY is spittin’ All Facts . The song takes you deep into the mind of a hustler. Just steady on the grind. No breaks. That’s why this track not a freestyle in the sense that it’s unwritten flow, it’s more of a continuous stream of thought , that hustlers mentality, and also that’s why T3REZZY says at the beginning of the track, “2Peece I don’t need no hook for this one.” Because this one is for the hustlers. Also on the track is featured artist Kari2Dope . He goes in immediately after T3REZZY finishes his verse like a relay race. Both artists racing on the same team to get to the money. His delivery is upbeat and catchy, making him the anchor to the track just like in a relay. It’s a nice switchup from T3REZZY’s verse. It also showcases his skill and musical ability as you hear his voice ride the melody of the beat. “Two chains on me now, man this is some light shit, you can turn the lights off, and see this lit hit.”

What’s undeniable about this track is that it’s a go . It’s a dope beat. It’s dope bars. It has that right bounce. But most importantly it’s ALL FACTS! This track shows T3REZZY progression as an artist and is just a small taste of what we can expect from him and the new music coming soon. So until that full project drops we’ll be banging All Facts Pt.2 . Listen to the track and let us know what you think!

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