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Ryan Anderson
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​101 years ago one of the worst attacks in the U.S. took place. And for so long it was written out of history. Especially the place where it occurred. Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you’ve ever picked up an Oklahoma History book then you know that the pages are filled with stories about the Trail Of Tears, The Land Run, and other stories of how Oklahoma came to be. But not one story was told about one of the richest black communities in the world. The Wakanda before it was even thought of. The major difference being that this place was real. Black Wall Street. Written out of history books and labeled as critical race theory. The powers that be are again trying to white out the history of Black Wall Street. But history isn’t just learned in a book. For centuries people have used music to teach and remember the past. So just when the powers that be want to white out Black Wall Street an artist by the name of Dangerous Rob is using his pen to write it back in with his new single “For Black Wall Street” that features Playya 100 and Malachi.

Dangerous Rob is a veteran in the game that has performed with some of the biggest artists such as Melle Mel, LLC Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, Ice T, NWA, Too Short. And the list goes on and on. In 2006, Dangerous Rob was added as part of the Dogg Pound Next Generation. He has also delved into the business side of music and manages his own label F.R.E.E.D.A.M. Records and still produces different acts in the city of Tulsa.

That Tulsa sound comes out as soon as the track starts. It’s an energetic bounce to the track that grabs your ears. The beat has so much complex instrumentation that then simplifies during the verses to leave room for the ear to experience the complex wordplay of the MCs. You might get this sound confused with that West Coast bounce popularized by Dr. Dre. But those who know. I mean really know. Are well informed that this is that Tulsa sound that the GAP Band made famous. A group from Greenwood, Archer, and Pine. Black Wall Street.

It ain’t a mystery,
You can’t erase our history,
Ya better be,
Bring back the Greenwood jubilee

Dangerous Rob is one of the most well-respected M.C’s in Tulsa. Check his resume. It’s impeccable. He’s rocked some of the biggest stages and has gained the respect of some of the most legendary artists in hip-hop. But one thing that has never changed was his love for Tulsa. For Black Wall Street is another example of how hard he reps for the city. It’s important to give him his flowers. First, out of respect. Second, because this track shows just how top-tier of an artist he is. His delivery on the track comes with a presence that is immediately felt. “A closed moth homie don’t get fed, A lazy hustler homie don’t get bread.”. This is that Black Wall Street mentality that the descendants have carried on. Trust me Black Wall Street still has businesses and it still has hustlers. One of them being Dangerous Rob. And just like he says in the track, he’s applying pressure.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the featured artists on this track. The first featured artist is the legend Playya 1000. Just like this verse he’s shown that he’s still very much a force on the mic. “Never knew the history of Greenwood, just knew I had to grind and get my green good.” This is Playya 1000 at his best. He raps about not being taught the history of Black Wall Street but knowing that he always knew the spirit was in him no matter if he didn’t know its origin. Something that so many Tulsans can relate to. Also featured on the track is Malachi. His soulful voice fills the track with that Black Wall Street vibe. There’s a strength and there’s so much flavor in it. That’s Black Wall Street.

Dangerous Rob is truly a king still holding his crown. As proven with this track. For Black Wall Street shows us everything we need to know about what was. But most importantly what still is. That the grind from Black Wall Street is in us. And even when we didn’t know why. It was something in us that made it so that we still couldn’t be stopped. And like Malachi sang on the bridge. This is for T-U-L-S-A. Aka Black Wall Street.

Checkout the video “For Black Wall Street” by Dangerous Rob ft. Playya 1000 and Malachi below:

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