Track2TRack: Keeng Cut Continues His Screw Cool Series With “Screw Cool 3”

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Everyone loves a remix. It’s like having a second opportunity to hear your favorite artist spit another verse. Who wouldn’t want to hear it? But even more a recent trend has been that the remixed single builds onto the original so that it sometimes becomes more of a series or an episodic collection of tracks that are well-known in an artists’s catalog. Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart series is one example of this, the latest being The Heart 5. Big K.R.I.T has his My Sub series, now on part 5 with his single Big K.R.I.T. “Ballad Of The Bass (My Sub V) . Even Jay-Z got did it with his Dead Presidents series and the list goes on. And for those familiar with Keeng Cut’s catalog know about the Screw Cool series, the latest release being Screw Cool 3 where he proves that you can evolve as an artist without sacrificing yourself. Let’s take a look back at this dope series of tracks.

Keeng Cut is an artist from Tulsa. His unique style, flow, and stage performance brought a breath of fresh air to the Oklahoma hip-hop scene. Crowned the ‘Flavor Keeng’, his fashion sense matched with his extravagant raps have everyone biting the flavor. Whether rapping or singing Keeng Cut’s versatility has proved to be an asset, with his signature ad-lib “OOPS” it’s clear that he is doing it his way.

Tryna put Glover in this broad,
Got her calling me Danny,

It’s important to revisit the 1st Screw Cool track released in 2014. It was very player, very southern. The track has a soulful sample produced by fellow Tulsa artists and producer Rive Era . The record seemed to come at a transitional time in Keeng Cut’s career. Being formally known as Khampa Trillman , Keeng Cut was the next step in the evolution of the artist. On the track Keeng Cut had a 1st person perspective of how Tulsa is and once was. Reminiscing on how the old school players used to shine and bring out the fancy cars. On the track he also gives advice that the real players could feel. It’s the authority in his voice and the vivid raps that give you this feeling of authenticity . Keeng Cut has seen and lived it. Check out the video below:

It would be another 2 years before Keeng Cut would drop the surprised follow up track in the series “Screw Cool 2” . The 2nd track in the series featured a crooning Keeng Cut showing his versatility by way of rapping as well as by singing on the track. A notable difference on Screw Cool 2 is Keeng Cut rapping to a female companion and being someone she can console in. Undoubtedly still player. His gift of gab emerge in each bar making the track more like a conversation . When it comes to the production. The track seems a little more jazzier . Still very player but a lot smoother and intimate. A reach may be that this track was Keeng Cut experimenting with his new moniker Listen to Screw Cool 2 below:

I can turn an idea into dollars baby,
pay attention,

And last but not least, we get to the latest track in the series, Screw Cool 3 . This track comes 6 years after Screw Cool 2. Again this track is representative of a pivotal point in his career and potentially in light of an upcoming album . Produced by fellow artist and Houston producer George Young . The beat fits right in line with the smooth player-like feel that the series is known for. You can hear the subtlety of the organ’s keys, similar to the subtle bars that are tucked in the track. It’s easy to get lost in the vibe of the track and miss some these quotable bars by Keeng Cut. The important thing about the series is that each time there’s something new that is brought to the table. One added element is YungxHalloween’s crying guitar that at times echoes as it blends into the beat. Keeng Cut’s keeps true to the essence of the song as he starts out with his signature “Ohhh, Ohhh, Opps, Opps, Opps”, The song is still very much a trip thru Tulsa. This time his ideas have progressed as he speaks about his growth as a person. Now promoting health both mentally and physically. His dreams now manifested. One of his dreams being Screw Cool on the radio, It was not only a memorable point in his career, but it showed that staying down with Tulsa was the right path.
I asked Keeng Cut about the last line in the song where he says “C Jim is the reason that I made Screw Cool.” . This is what he had to say:

“I basically used to call him Screw Cool Shawty in reference to DJ Screw being “cool” that’s where the term Screw Cool came from.”

The Screw Cool series shines in Keeng Cut’s catalog. It’s important to Oklahoma hip-hop and each track is an archived moment in Keeng Cut’s career. Will there be more versions in the coming future? One can only hope . Until then like Keeng Cut says, “baby, I’m Screw Cool”.
Listen to Screw Cool 3 below:

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