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Ryan Anderson
2 min readJul 30, 2018


​Rapper Fem-Jay is living proof that Rap has become a music that has reached far and wide. Not only has rap became the popular music but it has since it’s beginning been the medium for artists to express their struggle. A struggle that is shared no matter what country nor what continent your on. And like a 90’s Gangster’s Paradise Fem-Jay raps about what it’s like for urban America with her latest release “Livin Life in the Ghetto”.

Fem-Jay is a rap artist from Brooklyn, New York that has recently released the first single off her debut album “A Daugters Confession”. The track features vocalist Sugga Massive who delivers an intense vocal performance to complement Fem-Jay’s hard lyrics. The song is unique because it tells 3 different stories that resonates with black Americans and urban youth. See her explanation below:

“Each verse explains a story all of us from the hood has experienced the 1st verse explains how black on black crime occurs ,the 2nd verse talks about how a black men turn from dreaming of a brighter future to turning to the streetz just to survive and the last verse talks about how young blacks start an institutionalized mindset,”
— Fem-Jay

Check out Fem-Jay’s latest single “Livin Life in the Ghetto” ft Sugga Massive below:

To find out more about Fem-Jay and her music follow her social media below:

Instagram: @femjay_sashajones
Twitter: @RRedbottom
Spotify: @Fem-Jay

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