Track2Track: “Run It Back” by 24K Astall

Ryan Anderson
3 min readApr 15, 2023


Throughout the years rappers have wanted to be basketball players. And just like rappers, basketball players have wanted to be rappers. Both rapping and basketball are very competitive , so it’s no wonder why both would be appealing to one another. 24K Astall is one baller turned rapper who is here to run up the score with his new hit single “Run It Back” that features the talented Alexis Renee .

24K Astall is an artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma by the way of Oklmugee, Oklahoma. He is respected by his peers as a major player in the game that has a wide repertoire of rapping skill, business acumen, and stage presence that has helped him get on some of the biggest stages in Oklahoma. His last album 24K Everything is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Alexis Renee leads off the track by rapping the chorus. “Run it Back up like this bitches ain’t cut like that. They even cut like this.” This is her 2nd collaboration with 24k Astall, the first being 150. With this track they prove again that they have bring a certain energy and feed off each other each time they collab. One can only hope for another in the future.

Just like the single’s artwork shows, 24k Astall is the home team and the star player on the track. He paces his way from bar to bar as to make sure that he doesn’t let up any of the 2 mins and 50 seconds. Staying with the basketball theme 24K Astall has some dope basketball references tucked in the verse. “Postman. I deliver.” If you remember Karl Malone then you know his nickname was postman and that he is the 7th player on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. And just like Karl Malone 24K Astall delivers on the track. Another line “We ain’t talkin’ Nike when I’m talkin’ bout a check.” it’s clear that the metaphors are on par for this track. It’s also important to note his presence on the track. It’s a reflection of his experience in the game. It’s a result of the 10,000 hours of the practice he put in. This is another reason why the bars seem easy no matter how intricate they are. He flat out shines on this track.

When it comes to 24K Astall’s track “Run It Back” , there’s some easy layup bars and there are also some highly skilled bars, which both are needed in the game. The track is a good win for 24K Astall and it will be interesting to see if he adds this track to an album or EP. So make sure you go run up track and see why 24K Astall is the star player.

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