Track2Track: #SoFarGoneChallenge

Ryan Anderson
2 min readMay 28, 2018

In 2016 Monica and Missy Elliot’s #SoFarGoneChallenge took over the internet. Thanks to the challenge going viral rappers from everywhere uploaded their best cover version of the song. Artists like Chance the Rapper showed that even celebrities we’re getting in on the challenge (read the story about Chance the Rapper’s #SoFarGoneChallenge here.). An artists named 95 has also stepped up to the #SoFarGone Challenge with his version of the song.

95 is a rapper from Tulsa Oklahoma who has gained respect of his peers while destroying a few with his battle rapping. He is also one-part of the collective group CT$ (Cost to Smoke).

The track #SoFarGoneChallenge appears on his 2017 released album entitled “95 Lighter$” which is a 10-track project that showcased 95’s talent on a selection of classic songs. When it comes to the #SoFarGoneChallenge track 95 puts his own spin on it and delivers a lot of quotable lines and life lessons. And at the same time he lets it be known that it still “Cost To Smoke” and includes a popular line fellow CT$ member from St. Domonic. Here’s a lesson 95 spits on the 2nd verse:

Keep it to yourself what you know,
Until you reach your goals,
Karma made me stronger than most,
But she’ll leave you broke,

So checkout 95’s #SoFarGoneChallenge and let us know what you think:

To keep up with 95 follow his social media:
Facebook: @MarquisFrankWhiteJohnson
Twitter: @JDillaHead
​Instagram: @cts.reincarnated
SoundCloud: @95

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